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Why Choose M'Lanie Hunter Dance?
Celebrating 20 Years!!

M'Lanie Hunter Dance is a Positive Dance Environment, with a spacious family friendly facility located in Chester, NY behind the Chester Diner at 69 Brookside Ave., 2nd floor.  We are celebrating over 17 years in Chester!  This location has 5 spacious studios with a large family area, free wifi, a Cafe for refreshments and a study area for students.  We offer dancewear, dance shoes and other associated items for sale.


MHD has the staff and talent to teach professional and recreational pursuits, with ABT and BFA accredited instructors.  Come join our dance family and see why we are the preferred dance studio in the area! 


"I can't imagine what my life would be like without dance."

-Julianne Wagner

"As I headed off to college, I did not have swimming or martial arts to fall back on, but there was a dance team and my transition to college was made easier by falling into a comfortable role and familiar spot on stage."

-Connor Frisbee 

"The family we've created in the studio is unlike any other bond.

It's a bond that lasts a lifetime."

-Laura Aglione

"These people mean more to me

than any Xcaliber award ever could."

-Colleen Garrison

"One thing that MHD never lets me forget is that even though I graduated, I am always a part of the family."

-Debra Pietranico 

"Dancing not only gave me friends but people who inspire me.  I look up to all of the teachers I have had and still to this day want to be just like them."

-Colleen Garrison

"The buddy system helped to bridge the gap between the younger and older dancers giving the younger ones a role model to look up to and someone to help them with whatever they needed."

-Brenna Garrison

"Today I am the proud founder of

Jump Move Dance in Maryland."

-Jyliann Davis

"MHD is a place that creates dreams and allows you to fulfill them.  MHD is a family, a sisterhood, a safe place and a home." -Jyliann Davis

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