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At M'Lanie Hunter Dance, each student's individual talent is nurtured to allow artistic and personal growth.


We encourage students to explore their love of dance by offering classes in several genres of dance, plus voice and acting classes. All students are givien the opportunity to perform in our Winter & Spring Recitals, as well as participate in Competitions.


Because safety is also an important issue, our dance classes teach proper technique and begin with a warm-up intended to reduce injury by properly warming & stretching muscles and engaging in core and total body strengthening.


To help you select classes for your child, please see the class descriptions. All classes below participate in a Class Recital unless noted otherwise:

Classical Ballet

Ballet is both a discipline and an art form. It requires hard work, self-discipline, strength and patience. Ballet helps improve posture, coordination, flexibility, strength, musicality, fluidity and grace. Ballet is the foundation of many of the dance forms we offer and we highly recommend ballet to all students.

Contemporary Ballet

Contemporary Ballet is a fusion of classical ballet & modern. Contemporary Ballet allows dancers to utilize their technique in new and exciting ways. Contemporary, like modern is limited only to artistic conceptualization.


Our drama classes provide a safe and nuturing environment where all ages and skill levels can experience learning theatrical techniques and participating in live theatrical productions. Skills taught include script study, scene study, monologues, character development, mindfulness (performing in the moment), creative body-movement, stage and theatrical terminology, professionalism, projection, presence, improvisation, and diction.


Hip Hop dance represents a cultural movement. It is a dance style originating from the streets of Brooklyn and The Bronx in NYC. Hip-Hop focuses on street dance, popular dance and video dancing. Dancers will build stamina while working on coordination, musicality and style.


Jazz is a high energy technique class famous for its powerful and exciting movements. Focus is on breaking down turns, leaps, placement and building a dance vocabulary, which will bring the dance student to the next level. Students have fun while learning in this challenging class!


*Professional Track Jazz class is tailored to the serious dancer.



Lyrical is a dance form using both ballet and jazz techniques. It utilizes human emotion to drive the movement. This class focuses on pushing ones flexibility, body lines, musicality and performance quality.


Modern Dance is best defined as an art form intended to break the technical barriers of ballet. Modern strives to find the body’s fullest potential of movement while encouraging artistic individualism & expression. Dancers will learn choreographed works, and be encouraged to develop their own dance style through dance improvisational techniques.


Pointe class focuses on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to full pointe, which is made possible by specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes. Students under the age of 12 are not allowed in this class. Permission is needed by the instructor to enroll.


Tap dance is a rhythmic exploration of sound using your feet as instruments! Tapping is a great way to have fun while improving motor skills and coordination. Dances incorporate intricate rhythms and fun footwork to create challenging and exciting choreography.


Our vocal classes offer solo and group classes with professional voice teachers to provide instruction to all ages and skill levels with both modern and classical music.

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