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2023 June Recital Information
Sunday, June 11th 2023 at Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center

Tickets are available at

SHOWTIME: Attached is our full schedule of routines and their corresponding Shows, with
hair/makeup/tights/shoe requirements included. We have all tights, shoes, and dance gear available at our MHD Boutique! Here are some policy directions to help make the day a successful one!

● 1. DROP OFF POLICY: Please drop off your dancer 1 hour before their first show in which they
are performing, already dressed in their costume for their first routine, with hair/makeup already
done. One parent may escort your dancer backstage to help them set up, but they must leave by
half hour to showtime. All dancers MUST wear nude undergarments under their costumes as we
have male and female dancers with quick changes. These are available for purchase at the
studio if you need them. If your child has more than one number please label everything and send a
bin or a garment bag to help them stay organized. Send clear liquids and non-messy snacks so that
costumes are preserved for performance. Children will not be allowed to go into the audience during the
● 2. MAKE-UP/HAIR: Make-up requirements for all Girls: please have your child wear rosey cheeks, red
lipstick and colorful eyeshadow that brings out your child’s features on stage. Older students need
eyeliner and mascara as well. Boys: a small amount of brown eyeliner and blush to bring out their
features. See hair, tight and shoe requirements below. Company dancers: Gold and silver eyelid with a
black Smokey eye, blush and Red Lipstick. Company Hair: low slicked back bun for ballet or ponytail w/ middle
part for all other styles.
● Combo Classes: Tan tights (minus Ballet/Jazz 4-5...please wear pink!), black tap shoes if you are in a tap
dance, pink ballet shoes if you are in a ballet dance, and tan jazz shoes if you are in a jazz dance, if you are in
a ballet combo class please wear your hair in a slick low bun with a middle part, if you are in a combo class
that does not have ballet please wear your hair in a slick low ponytail with a middle part.
● HipHop: Tan tights (if you are only in one dance and your hiphop costume is pants or shorts, you do not need
to wear tights), black/white sneakers with no additional colors for rec students, Company dancers please
wear the black Pastry sneakers, hair in a slick low ponytail with a middle part
● Acro: Tan footless tights, barefoot, hair in a slick low ponytail with a middle part
● Ballet/Pointe: Pink tights, pink ballet shoes (pointe shoes for pointe classes, demi shoes for pre pointe), hair
in a slick low bun with a middle part
● Tap: Tan tights, black tap shoes, hair in a slick low ponytail with a middle part
● Jazz: Tan stirrup tights (plain tan tights for Protege), tan turners (tan jazz shoes for Protege), hair in a slick
low ponytail with a middle part
● Lyrical: Tan stirrup tights, tan turners, hair in a slick low ponytail with a middle part
● Contemporary: Tan stirrup tights, tan turners, hair in a slick low bun with a middle part
● 3. VIDEO POLICY: We will be videotaping the Recital and will have a digital copy of the recital available
to everyone for $25. Video recording and photography of any kind, is strictly, prohibited at
all shows.
● 4. SIBLING POLICY: If a dancer is not performing in a segment in which their sibling performs, they
ARE allowed to join your party to watch after they change out of their costume free of charge. Please
email at if this applies to your family. Please keep in mind if your dancers are in
another Show they still have to report 30 minutes before it starts.
● 5. 1/5/10 YEAR AWARDS: We will be giving 1st, 5th, and 10-year acknowledgements at each Recital!
If your dancer is a 1st, 5th or 10th year dancer this year, please email us at !
● 6. SIGN OUT POLICY: At the end of the show your dancer is performing in, we will have an MHD
representative in the downstairs lobby with a list of all participating dancers. After the Curtain Call your
child will be released to one Parent. Please take a moment to sign out your dancer before he/she
leaves for the day. Also...See Miss Lanie before you leave for the day, as she has a special gift
for each dancer!!


Jr Show 11:00am Showtime, Call Time 10:00am
Ballet/Jazz 7-9 (Mon 6:00, Miss Malley)
Protege Ballet (Tues 4:00, Miss Malley)
First Steps HipHop (Tues 5:30, Miss Savanna)
HipHop 7-9 (Tues 6:30, Miss Savanna)
Ballet/Jazz 4-5 (Wed 5:00, Miss Malley)
Protege Ballet Tech/Jazz (Thurs 4:30, Miss Olivia)
Sassy Jazz/Tap 7-9 (Thurs 5:30, Miss Julianne)
Acro 7-9 (Thurs 6:30, Miss Miranda)
Ballet/Tap/Jazz 5-9 (Sat 11:00, Miss Julianne)
Variation (Eliana)
Ease My Mind (Bella)
I Can Do That (Owen)
Fraught (Liv)
Five (Bailie)
With All My Heart (Sabrina)
Dream (Carmela)
Litany for Hope (Sabrina/Liv)
Sr Show 3:00pm Showtime, Call Time 2:00pm
Comp Routines TBD
Fusion/Synergy HipHop (Tues 4:00, Miss Savanna)
Company Pointe (Tues 5:00, Miss Hannah)
Synergy Co. Jazz (Tues 5:00, Miss Malley)
Legacy Co. Lyrical (Tues 5:00, Miss Julianne)
Legacy Co. Jazz (Tues 6:00, Miss Julianne)
Comp Acro (Tues 7:00, Miss Miranda)
Teen HipHop (Tues 7:30, Miss Savanna)
Contemporary (Tues 8:00, Miss Julianne)
Synergy Co. Ballet (Wed 4:00, Miss Julianne)
Company Ballet (Wed 5:30, Miss Julianne)
Unity Co. Lyrical (Wed 6:00, Miss Miranda)
Teen Lyrical (Wed 6:00, Miss Savanna)
Pre/Beginner Pointe (Wed 6:00, Miss Malley)
Synergy Co. Lyrical (Wed 7:00, Miss Savanna)
Legacy Co. Ballet (Wed 7:00, Miss Julianne)
Company Lyrical (Wed 8:00, Miss Brittany)
Legacy/Company Tap (Thurs 4:00, Miss Miranda)
Unity Co. Ballet (Thurs 4:00, Miss Hannah)
Company Jazz (Thurs 5:00, Miss Cait)
Synergy Co. Tap (Thurs 5:30, Miss Miranda)
Teen Contemporary (Thurs 5:30, Miss Malley)
Synergy Co. Ballet Tech (Thurs 6:30, Miss Malley)
Legacy/Company HipHop (Thurs 8:00, Miss Savanna)
Senior Dance (Olivia and Melissa)

June Recital

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