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Our Ballet Recital for 2019 was CINDERELLA! Check back later in the Fall semester for details about our next recital!

General Information - It’s Showtime!

We are excited for you to see the special shows we have been working on!


Here are the details to help you be prepared:


  1. Please have your dancer at Washingtonville High School one hour prior to the show in full hair and make-up, dressed in their first costume.

  2. Make-up requirements for all students​: please have your child wear a red lipstick, rosy cheeks and colorful eye shadow as the lights will wash out your child’s features on stage. Older students need eyeliner and mascara as well.

  3. If your child has more than one number, please label everything and send a bin or a garment bag to help them stay organized.

  4. Children in multiple numbers must wear nude undergarments.

  5. The show running orders will be available at the dress rehearsal.

  6. Children will not be allowed to go into the audience. After the Curtain Call your child will be released to one parent holding the pass, which is given to you at drop off.​ This is for security purposes and there will be no exceptions.

  7. Part of show etiquette is performing in the curtain call to thank your audience for attending performance.


We Need You!!! Please contact Wendy about signing up to be a Backstage Mom or Parent Volunteer. As your child’s teacher may have multiple classes in each show, a Parent Volunteer is required for each class to supervise your children while they are not on stage. Please arrange with Wendy and sign-up at the front desk listing which class you will be supervising backstage. We will be having a backstage parent meeting during the week of dress rehearsals to go over how it will all work.


**Parents of younger children, please feel free to send something for your child to play with for when they are in the backstage area. Suggestions: Coloring books, board games, cards, books**


Photography and Video Restrictions


Video recording and photography of any kind is strictly prohibited at all shows. You are welcome to come to our dress rehearsals to take pictures. Video recordings of dances and posting to social media is strictly prohibited​. DVDs will be available approx. 30 days after performance

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