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Summer 2023
Class and Camp Schedule 

Our Summer Camps AND Classes are available for online registration! 


Session 1: July 11th to July 27th

CAMP WEEK! July 31st-August 4th

Session 2: August 8th to August 24th


Costs are:

$200 for a 2 hour Camp

$300 for a 3 hour Camp

$45 for an hour class (Session I or II,) or $90 for both Sessions

$65 for an hour and a half class (Session I or II,) or $130 for both Sessions

Detailed class schedule is above.

***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL--if you enroll by April 30th, registration fee will be waived!***

Register online at:

We highly encourage all students to participate in our summer sessions and camps. Whether you want to work on your technique or try another style of dance, summer is the time and we have great classes for you to choose from!


The summer break is long, so why not work on maintaining and building your skills? These classes are crucial for maintaining your class placement and building your technique.


Competition and Company dancers are required to take at least one technique class or camp over the summer to maintain your company level placement.


Pointe students are required to take class over the summer to maintain your pointe level placement.

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