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Mike Montoya


Mike Montoya

Acro, Jazz

    Mike has taught various forms of dance at studios in the Los Angeles area including the Debbie Reynolds Studios and Glendale Junior College. Mike is also a former dance instructor and director of the professional dance scholarship program with the Defore Dance Center in Orange County, California.


    He has performed as a principal dancer and choreographer with the Jazz Spectrum, Step 1 Jam, and Metro Dance Ensembles, and as a guest artist with the Capital City Ballet. He is also the former director and choreographer of his own company, The Montoya Dance Ensemble.


    His commercial dance credits television commercials, music videos, and network and cable television special performances. His choreography has also been selected for performance at The Choreographer’s Showcase of Orange County and Jazz Dance Los Angeles.


    Mike's extensive training in Giordano, Luigi, and Tremaine style Jazz as well as his background as a 4 time state competitor and medalist in USGF competitive gymnastics has helped him develop a style that is an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary jazz as well as high energy athleticism. His choreography includes Lyrical, Contemporary, and Traditional Jazz as well as theatrical and commercial pieces.

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