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Dara Jenel (MISS D.J.)

Dara Jenel

(Miss D.J.)
Ballet, Modern, Pointe, Zumba

    Dara began her dance training at Kozlov Dance Academy (NJ) under the tutelage of Leonid Kozlov. She continued her education at De Sales University where she received a scholarship to the Dance Department and earned a BA in Dance(2005).


    While in high school, she attended the Summer Intensive at UARTS and had the fortunate opportunity to study with the late Fernando Bujones. At De Sales she was privileged to perform in original works by Trinette Singleton, Dan Joyce, Kip Martin, and Michael Eager.


    In 2008 Dara worked as Choreographer in Residence with Opera Company of the Highlands, directed by Claudia Cummings. In 2009 she was selected as a featured artist for Free Art in NY.


    Most recently, Dara was a featured dancer in "Wishing Well" by Karen Gayle (NYC) and was a soloist in a staging of "Etudes" by Kat Wildish (NYC).


    Over the years Dara has trained with a wide variety of artists, choreographers, dancers, and Dance Educators, allowing her to develop an eclectic class curriculum and dance style. "My philosophy is that given the proper amounts of discipline, encouragement & positive reinforcement anyone can dance. I love all movement and I would like nothing more than to share my love of dance with the world."


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