At M'Lanie Hunter Dance, we offer a variety of dance, fitness and drama classes for adults. Whether you're looking to maintain or improve your fitness and flexibility, or just looking for a fun way to pass the time while waiting for your children, we have classes for you!

FIRST FITNESS OR DANCE CLASS IS FREE: Not sure what you are getting into? Your first dance or fitness class is free so you can decide whether a new class is right for you! Come and get a great workout and experience the fun that your children do!

Check out class information below, and use the form to sign up! Or call (845) 469-4556 for more information!

Also don't mind our NEW ADULT DRAMA classes!

Adult Hip-hop

Hip Hop is a dance style originating from the streets of Brooklyn and The Bronx in NYC. Adult Hip-Hop focuses on street dance, popular dance and video dancing. All levels welcome! 


We're offering an exciting new eight session class in Adult Drama!

Adult Tap

Adult tap is a rhythmic exploration of sound using your feet as instruments! Tapping is a great way to have fun while improving motor skills and coordination. Beginner and Intermediate classes available! 

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is a fusion of classical ballet & modern just for adults. Ballet helps improve posture, coordination, flexibility, strength, musicality, fluidity and grace. Ballet is the foundation of many of the dance forms we offer. All levels welcome! 

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