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At M'Lanie Hunter Dance, we offer a variety of dance, fitness and drama classes for adults. Whether you're looking to maintain or improve your fitness and flexibility, or just looking for a fun way to pass the time while waiting for your children, we have classes for you!

FIRST FITNESS OR DANCE CLASS IS FREE: Not sure what you are getting into? Your first dance or fitness class is free so you can decide whether a new class is right for you! Come and get a great workout and experience the fun that your children do!

Check out class information below and contact us via phone or email!
 (845) 469-4556 or email
2022-2023 Classes Offered
Adult Ballet Tuesday
Adult Tap Wednesday 

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is a fusion of classical ballet & modern just for adults. Ballet helps improve posture, coordination, flexibility, strength, musicality, fluidity and grace. Ballet is the foundation of many of the dance forms we offer. All levels welcome! 

Hip Hop Werkout!

Our Zumba classes are high energy fitness classes for all levels of adult fitness. Classes are taught by qualified Zumba instructors. Drop-in, no registration necessary. 

Flexband Pilates

Flexibility, mindfulness and meditation. Drop-in, no registration necessary. All levels welcome! Saturday mornings at 11 a.m.

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